The Amherst History Museum opened in 1916 and is governed by the Amherst Historical Society, which was founded in 1899. Housed in the 1750-era Strong House, the Amherst History Museum takes visitors on a journey from the town’s colonial past, through its industrial age and into the computer-driven present. The Museum is filled with decorative arts, paintings, household implements, agricultural tools and other pieces of history from the nearly three hundred years since Amherst was settled. The collections range from the ordinary to the unique, and capture a sense of every day life often missing from history books. In addition to rotating exhibits and special programming, the Museum provides educational tours for school children and students throughout the year.


‘History Bites’ Lunchtime Lecture Series

Friday, March 14 at 12:15 p.m.

Simeon Strong House, 67 Amity Street, Amherst, MA 

Ed Wilfert - “Common  to Commerce”
How do you define a community utility? A shared facility for community access to gas, water, sewer, education? Ed Wilfert’s interest in the structural history of Amherst has extended to the rise of utilities in the context of 19th Century Merchants Row & vicinity. Learn how the community of Amherst developed its shared resources.

Ed Wilfert has lived in Amherst since 2000. He has devoted himself to documenting the history of Amherst’s dwelling houses and has expanded his research to encompass commercial buildings and factories as well as public buildings. His research has been shown in four exhibits, two at the Jones Library (Between the Villages – Gray and Taylor Streets and East of the Common-from the common to the railroad) and two at the Henry Hills House (The Crossing-the industrial area around the railroad station and Old Houses moved to Gray Street). We recently gave him the 2014 Conch Shell Award commending his research.Join us with your lunch in hand. We will provide coffee, tea or cider for you as you listen to the presentations. The 30-minute program will begin promptly at12:15 with seating and beverages ready just before noon. The lectures are free and everyone is welcome to attend. For updated information, check our website at


2014 Amherst Founders Day Celebration – February 15th, 2:30 PM, Grace Episcopal Church Hall

February 11, 2014

Please join us as we commemorate the founding of Amherst on February 13, 1759 and honor those who bring a fresh perspective to Amherst’s history and connect the past to our community today. The Founders Day Celebration is slated for February 15, 2014 at the Grace Episcopal Church Hall, and includes the 2014 Conch Shell Award, the […]

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