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The Amherst History Museum opened in 1916 and is governed by the Amherst Historical Society, which was founded in 1899. Housed in the 1750-era Simeon Strong House, the Amherst History Museum takes visitors on a journey from the town’s colonial past, through its industrial age and into the computer-driven present.

The Museum is filled with decorative arts, paintings, household implements, agricultural tools and other pieces of history from the nearly three hundred years since Amherst was settled. The collections range from the ordinary to the unique, and capture a sense of every day life often missing from history books.

In addition to rotating exhibits and special programming, the Museum provides educational tours for school children and students throughout the year.

The Amherst Historical Society celebrates Amherst’s founding through an annual lecture and presenting awards to deserving citizens.

Vision Statement

We believe in the power of history to ignite imagination, stimulate thought, and provide enjoyment.


The goals of the Amherst Historical Society are to collect, preserve, and display an extensive variety of objects that give residents and visitors an appreciation of the many aspects of life in Amherst. Central to these goals is the presentation of exhibits, lectures, and public events, as well as educational programs that engage people of all ages with the challenge of interpreting artifacts and records from the past. The society governs the Amherst History Museum, which is located in the 1750-era Simeon Strong House, 67 Amity Street, in the center of town.

Dig in Museum's front yard

The Amherst Historical Society Mission Statement

The mission of the Amherst Historical Society is to connect people to the town of Amherst, its history, and its culture

Board of Directors

Georgia Barnhill–President
Amy Crawley—Vice President
Liz Larson—Treasurer
James Kelly—Clerk
George Naughton, ex officio

Board Members
 Amy Crawley
Michele Cutting
Bonnie Isman
Mick O’Connor
Neal Parks
Mark Roblee
Tari N Thomas
Jim Wald


AHS meeting