Geology in the Pioneer Valley

by Richard Little, Greenfield Community College

History begins with natural history and geology. In this lecture, Richard Little describes some of the natural forces and processes which have given the Pioneer Valley its rich variety of geological features, including the rare ‘armored mud balls.’


19th Century Spiritualism

by Dr. Robert Cox, UMass Special Collections

Spiritualism was a broadly-based and widely-practiced religious movement of the 19th century. At a time when the nation and society seemed to be tearing apart, it was a powerful unifying, hopeful social force.


How V-mail helped win World War II

by Thomas Weiner

‘V-for-Victory’ mail used microfilm to transport messages to and from Allied soldiers and their families in World War II. Almost forgotten now, it was extensively marketed as a morale-booster in the war effort.


Native Americans in King Philips’ War

by Dr. Lisa Brooks, Amherst College

Dr Brooks shares her extensive research into the native tribes’ strategies during King Philips’ War, 1675 – 1678. She focuses on the women and children who fled to safer territory to avoid the conflict.

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