Editing tips


Edit in the Divi Builder

When you edit a page or post, you should always be in the Divi theme interface. you can do this in a few ways, including in the page or post directory. You can also open a page and choose ‘Use the Divi Builder’, or click ‘Enable Visual Builder’ on the top toolbar when a page or post is open.


Wireframe View

A page/post is made up of sections, rows and modules. You can view a page/post in regular or wireframe view to take a clearer look at the structure. you can also click on these icons to see how things look on desktop, tablet or mobile views.

edit a module

Edit the content in a module

Click the gear icon to edit the content in a module. Make your changes in the settings box of a module. The options are separated into three main groups: Content, Design and Advanced.

edit text

Edit text in a text module

Edit text in the Content section of the module’s settings. You can make some basic style changes like bold, italic and adding text links here. More specific style changes can be made in the Design section of the module. When you are done editing the content, hit the green check button to save.

How to add events

This site uses the Events Calendar plugin to display events. Currently, all events are listed in a monthly view on this page, and also on feeds in other pages on the site. More in-depth information about the Divi Events Calendar Module can be found here.

edit events

Add a new event

In the dashboard, you can open the event editor in the top toolbar or on the left sidebar.

Event details

Add the event details and an excerpt

Add details like time, location, etc. here. In addition to showing up on the main calendar, this will open up into something that looks like a post when clicked on.

You can also add a shorter excerpt which will be displayed in specific feeds, such as the “History Bites” lecture feed on the home page.


Categorize the event

In order for an event to show up in a feed, check the appropriate category.


Things to consider

This section of the home page might be a good place to feature a single event, or to highlight a fundraiser. Remember that this theme is flexible and you can display whatever you like!

About posts

Several pages and feeds on this site are made up of posts. These posts are categorized to help determine where they are displayed. Right now categories include blog (AHS Updates), events, exhibits, History Bites, museum pieces (slideshow on home page), new exhibits, past exhibits, and upcoming History Bites. Similar to events, when you make a post you should designate one or more of these categories depending on where you want it to display.

add posts

Here’s the suggested workflow:

1. Add post title
2. Categorize the post according to where you want it to appear.
3. Upload the featured image for the post. This will also appear in feeds, if specified. The featured image size in most of the posts are 750 wide by 420 high pixels, this seems to work well for the post itself and also in the posts feeds, for both desktop screens and mobile devices.
4. Click”edit with DIVI builder”, then add the rest of the content as described in the next step.


If you have categorized a post with “Blog, Exhibits or History Bites” the post will be preformatted with the featured image at the top. In the DIVI builder, add a row, add a module, and add your text.

Save the text by clicking on the green check box in the bottom right corner of the text module, then click the Save button in the lower right corner of the screen.

add posts

Exit the Visual Editor, Preview the post, Publish it when ready. You can add additional content by adding an image module, video module, etc. More information about Divi modules can be found in this documentation: elegantthemes.com/documentation/divi/modules/