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Mount Toby Friends Meeting

Jones Library Woodbury Room 43 Amity Street, Amherst, MA

From their first meeting in 1939, through their residence at the Amherst Grange, to their current location one route 63 in Leverett, follow the history of the Mount Toby Friends meeting.

Finding R H Weakley

Jones Library Woodbury Room 43 Amity Street, Amherst, MA

We've all heard the expression if walls could talk, but what about historic firearms? What would they have to say about the battles they were in and the soldiers they were issued to? Join Park Ranger Susan Ashman as she highlights one of these rifles - an 1856 British Enfield used during the Civil War with the initials "R.H. Weakley" carved into the stock.

Amherst Shade Tree Committee Tour

In Front of the Jones Library

The Amherst Shade Tree Committee is conducting a tour of our town’s trees this Sunday, May 8, starting at 2PM. They will meet at the Jones Library and begin with a consideration of the Historical Society’s 260-year-old sycamore tree, right in front of the Strong House.

Association for Gravestone Studies Western New England Chapter, Spring Meeting

The Association for Gravestone Studies announces its quarterly meeting and walking tour; Saturday, June 4. We'll meet at Amherst's West Cemetery, located in downtown Amherst, at 1 PM. 

We had considered meeting at an indoor venue in the morning for presentations by John Hanson and Bob Drinkwater, or if that was not feasible (due to Covid restrictions), to do so via Zoom the previous evening. However, since these presentations would be, essentially, re-enactments of previously recorded presentations, we thought it might be simpler to just provide links to the YouTube videos, for folks to view if and when they wished, prior to our meeting at West Cemetery in Amherst, MA, at 1PM.

Juneteenth Heritage Walk

Amherst Center

A collaboration between Ancestral Bridges and the Amherst Historical Society Museum to celebrate Juneteenth in Amherst, MA. This walking tour explores the unique history and contributions of generations of Black families in Amherst curated and guided by descendants.


The Storm and the War that Changed Amherst


Both the hurricane of 1938 and World War II were transformative events for Amherst College. Listen to Pulitzer Prize winning architectural critic Blair Kamin as he explains the events and the reactions of the college and the community of Amherst.

Unlike Any Other

Jones Library Woodbury Room 43 Amity Street, Amherst, MA

Lecture with slides by author Ed Londergan. ‘Unlike Any Other’ is a novel based on the life of Bathsheba Spooner, a Revolutionary War-era woman, and Loyalist, married to a man she did not love, who is driven to thoughts of murder