Our September 23 History Bites presentation is now online. Lincoln Annibali, a student at Hofstra University, shared with us his enthusiasm for Henry Wilson. You may view the presentation here

Born in 1812, Henry Wilson was an American general, senator, and later vice president who played a key role in the political lead-up to the Civil War, handled military affairs during the war, and fought for civil rights for all Americans during Reconstruction. Born into abject poverty and sold by his family into indentured servitude until the age of 21, he was central in forming the Free Soil Party in 1848 to fight slavery’s expansion. Wilson was elected to the US Senate in 1855 at age 43, and remained a senator until he was elected as Ulysses S Grant’s Vice President in 1872; his help was central to the passage of the 13th14th, and 15th amendments.