The Amherst Historical Society is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) “Heritage Tree Care Project” for the cabling, pruning, lightning protection and root care of our beloved “Groom” sycamore tree.

The “Groom” tree is over 260 years old. It was one of two trees planted in 1761 by Nehemiah Strong for his son Simeon Strong and his bride Sarah Wright to honor their marriage; the two sycamore trees were known at the “bride and groom” trees.

On Sunday, May 8, at 2:00pm, you can learn more about the history of the “Groom” sycamore tree and what happened to the “Bride” tree on a Tree Tour hosted by our friends at the Amherst Public Shade Tree Committee. The tour will meet in front of the Jones Library, 43 Amity Street.