Until the late 19th century, glass bottles were hand-blown, so each one was unique. The bottle’s shape, the color of the glass, the presence of embossing, are all clues as to its age and provenance. Collectors of the bottles are latter-day seekers after buried treasure — they dig through old wells and midden-heaps in search of their prizes.

Amherst resident Jim Thomas is a past president of the Berkshire Antique Bottle Association. He has been collecting bottles since he was ten years old, and has dug for them on hilltops, in bogs, and everywhere in between.

Join us at noon on Friday, December 2, in the Woodbury Room. Mr Thomas will tell stories and bring in samples from his extensive collection — bring in an antique bottle or two of your own for Mr Thomas to evaluate!

Remember that Santa will visit the Strong House, on Friday evening between 6 and 7 PM, to chat and have his photograph taken with children. We have decorated the gallery and parlor to welcome him.