Tan Brook is a little-known stream that flows right under Triangle Street and Kendrick Park. It originates from the small lake next to Wildwood Cemetery, and emerges at McClellan Street with a quiet babbling sound from the culverts that have carried it off and on through the north end of town. It “daylights” for a while from McClellan but then goes underground again to avoid streets and parking lots on its way to the UMass pond.

As a recent NYT article documents, cities and towns throughout the U.S. are rediscovering and rehabilitating their small waterways, both because of their ability to enhance greenways and as protection against environmental degradation. Join us on Friday, September 22, at noon, with Dr Christine Hatch, extension professor of geosciences at UMass, as she shares her research and insights into this often-ignored part of our town’s landscape.

This program will be live at noon on Friday, September 22, in the Woodbury Room at the Jones Library in Amherst.