“Edward Hitchcock: The Untold Story” with Robert T. McMaster

He was one of the most eminent American scientists of his time, a popular professor and president at Amherst College, and an inspired preacher. But nearly 160 years after his death, Edward Hitchcock’s story had never been told. In a new book, All the Light Here Comes from Above: The Life and Legacy of Edward Hitchcock, Williamsburg author Robert T. McMaster at last brings to light the many facets of one of this state’s and nation’s most famous sons. In his Zoom presentation, “Edward Hitchcock: The Untold Story,” McMaster will examine the life of Edward Hitchcock, scientist, preacher, professor, husband, and father, with special emphasis on his Amherst years.

Zoom link for this lecture: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84485731584

Edward Hitchcock’s Mountain Mania, or How the Mountains Got Their Names

by Dr. Howell Chickering

From the Holyoke Range to the Vermont border, many of the hills and peaks that we see around us were named by the fourth president of Amherst College, Edward Hitchcock. Their names are surprisingly diverse — Castor and Pollux, Bull Hill, Mount Norwottuck — and there is a story behind each one. After a brief account of Hitchcock’s extraordinary accomplishments, and his vigorous yet eccentric character, retired Professor “Chick” Chickering describes the circumstances by which Edward Hitchcock arrived at what he called his “denomination” of several of our local landmarks.