UMass Special Collections

UMass Special Collections

For four Mondays in April and early May, the UMass Public History department sponsored Zoom presentations on the buildings and architecture of UMass. ‘Brut Bites’ discussed the concrete ‘Brutalist’ architecture of the Amherst Campus – especially that of the Southwest Residential Complex and the of the Fine Arts Center. But the series also included a discussion of the evolution of the campus – the first lecture compared photographs in ‘UMass Then and Now’, and the third lecture described the evolution of campus master plans.

UMass is a part of Amherst, so its history is a part of Amherst’s history, and we look forward to more lectures soon.

The four presentations are now available for viewing online. You may visit the page describing the lecture series, with links to the presentations.

Coming up next week: Our popular History Bites lecture series will conclude its spring season. At noon on Friday, May 21, Dr. Aaron Rubinstein will talk about the Special Collections at the Dubois Library.

19th Century Spiritualism

by Dr. Robert Cox, UMass Special Collections

Spiritualism was a broadly-based and widely-practiced religious movement of the 19th century. At a time when the nation and society seemed to be tearing apart, it was a powerful unifying, hopeful social force.