On April 8Bob Drinkwater gave his second presentation on the early graves in Amherst’s West Cemetery. In this presentation, he showed pictures of the graves of many of Amherst’s founding families – the Boltwoods, Kelloggs, Mattoons, Strongs  and others, as well as noting that there are dozens of names and families for whom the graves are not known.

Save the date! At 1 PM on Saturday, June 4, Bob will host a walking tour of West Cemetery in Amherst with John Hanscom so we may visit these graves in person. He recommends that interested persons should view both of his video tours before attending the walking tour of the West Cemetery with the Association of Gravestone Studies.  If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP to Andreaanduruna@hotmail.com.

You may view his 2019 lecture here, and his 2022 lecture here.